Client 客户 : Spirto coffee bar  Spirto咖啡吧

Location 项目地址 : Spart / Greece  斯巴达 / 希腊

Status 项目状态 : Completed 2018 于2018年完工

Description 项目描述 : KCA’s recently completed Spirto is a brand new space at the heart of one of the world’s most ancient cities, Sparta. Living up to its name, which means “match” in Greek, Spirto’s presence is simple, snappy, and fiery. The all-day coffee bar differentiates itself from neighbors on a small pedestrian street with its bold colors and quirky name.

康希建筑最近完成的全新品牌项目Spirto 位于全球著名的古老文化都市斯巴达的核心地区。联想到希腊文化里火柴的给人的感觉,Spirto的名字也由此而来,它代表的含义是简单、快速、火热。整间全日咖啡吧以其醒目的色彩以及奇特的名字在一条小型步行街上显得与众不同。

Photos by Nikos Vavdinoudis