KCA is a Shanghai based Architecture practice led by architect Kostas Chatzigiannis. During 11 years in Asia, we have completed projects that range from the urban scale to the architectural and interior design of buildings.

We are interested in all scales of the architecture design spectrum and we offer site specific and aesthetic design solutions to meet each project's needs.

Originally from Greece, an inspiring architectural environment, Kostas' approach to each project is to explore the possibilities of connection and integration to the modern urban context. We are fascinated by the materiality of things whether we oversee the renovation of a heritage building or a modern design with new construction methods. 

Our services target the complete and thoughtful execution of each project, starting from conceptual design to construction and production of custom items. 





KCA 康希建筑设计咨询事务所位于上海,是由建筑师Kostas Chatzigiannis(康希)领导的设计团队所组成的专业的建筑设计事务所. 在亚洲长达11年的时间里, 我们完成了多种规模的设计项目, 从城市规划到建筑设计, 从建筑设计到建筑室内设计, 我们都有自己的代表作品和杰出表现。

 我们的团队专注于不同规模的建筑设计以及建筑相关领域的设计, 并且按照客户的需求制定具有场地特色和审美价值的建筑设计方案。

设计师康希来自于希腊,一个充满建筑文化气息和灵感的地方,在每一个项目中都一直不停的在探索将现代城市整环境融入到设计当中去的方法。 无论是历史文化旧建筑的翻新项目,还是充斥着现代化建设方法的新建建筑, 我们团队都会精心调查研究并努力挑选最适合的建筑材料。

我们团队的服务宗旨是为每一个客户, 从项目初期的概念设计到后期的施工咨询, 甚至具体到私人定制物品,提供一套完整以及精确的专业方案设计。