Client客户: YAKAFU 亚卡芙

Location  项目地点 : Anji / China 安吉/中国

Status  项目状态 : Construction Completed 施工完成

Description 项目描述: Anji, a picturesque town near Hangzhou, houses the flagship DIY store of a young Chinese brand. The design of the store is a composition of clear geometries in colorful and textured materials. The exterior of the store features back-lit blue, perforated metal surfaces, which make the facade stand out from its surroundings. In the store’s interior, the bar, service counters and display areas are organized in seemingly scattered terrazzo blocks of various heights and sizes.

安吉是湖州靠近杭州附近风景如画的小镇,在这里一个中国年轻糕点品牌的旗舰DIY商店。 商店的设计是由不同颜色和纹理材料结合清晰几何图案组成的。 商店的外观采用背光蓝色穿孔金属板,使整体立面从周围环境中脱颖而出。 在商店的内部,酒吧,服务柜台和展示区域以各种高度和大小的看似分散的水磨石块连接在一起。

Photos by Anne-Sophie Heist