Client 客户 : City of Christchurch 克莱斯特切奇 基督城

Location 项目地址 : Christchurch / New Zealand 克莱斯特切奇 / 新西兰

Status 项目状态 : Competition entry 2015 2015年设计竞赛初赛

Description 项目描述 : Competition entry for the Christchurch Earthquake Memorial. The site is located in the city center of Christchurch on the two banks of the Otakaro river that runs through it. The proposal evolves around a circular form, an enclosure for the remembrance of the earthquake victims. On the north, flat bank of the river, a passageway collects visitors from all directions around a big open space that can host events. On the opposite side, under the steep slope, a memorial wall is hidden underground below the street level, providing a quiet space for contemplation.

该项目是克莱斯特切奇地震纪念馆的设计比赛. 场地位于市中心Otakaro的河岸之上设计方案包括可以让造访者悼念逝者的环形封闭式空间. 当有活动举办时, 在北面平坦的河岸上, 一条走道可以把从各个方向前来的访客聚集到这个大型的开场式空间里. 在相反的方向, 在很陡的坡度下, 一面纪念墙被隐藏在地下部分,低于街道的海拔, 从而为深思提供了一处安静的空间.