Client 客户 : City of LuoHe 漯河市

Location 项目地址 : LuoHe / Henan province 漯河市 / 河南省

Status 项目状态 : Competition entry 2014 2014年竣工

Description 项目描述 : Competition entry for the design of a Citizen Center complex in the new CBD area of LuoHe. The design proposal covers the whole site area, with the main administration building situated at the north part. A linear ramp connects the south and north site edges going through the building and providing access to the underground level. At the middle part of the site, square and rectangular inter-connecting building volumes accommodate different public services. At the southern part of the site, round shaped halls serve as cultural venues that open up to a large water feature and have a dialogue with the adjacent museums park.

漯河市新兴商业中心一处市民中心综合体的设计比赛初赛阶段. 设计方案包括位于北边的主行政大楼在内, 涵盖了整个场地面积. 一条线形的坡道连接了南北场地以方便行人在楼宇之间行走, 同时也提供了进入地下室部分的走道. 在场地的正中心, 相互衔接的正方形和矩形的建筑体划分出不同的公共功能. 在场地的南边,  一处圆形的门厅作为文化历史场馆, 朝向一处巨大的水景观并且与其相邻的博物馆主题公园之间形成了良好的交流.