Client 客户 : Private  私人项目

Location 项目地址 : Wu Yi Mountain 武夷山

Status 项目状态 : Design completed 2010 于2010年竣工

Description 项目描述 : Resort in the mountainous area of WuYi Mountain. The arrangement of the villas follows the slopes of the site, providing undisturbed views for all the units. The three different villa typologies are organized in a way that the larger units are in the perimeter of the site and the smaller ones in the center. There is no vehicle circulation within the development with all around access of cars and a parking area near the main entrance.

该度假区项目位于武夷山地区. 对别墅的整体规划利用了天然地形所有的斜坡坡度, 让每一个建筑单元的观景视野都不受遮挡影响. 三种不同套型的别墅按照一定顺序进行场地规划, 按照较大的别墅单元在场地的外边缘, 较小的别墅单元在场地的中央的原则进行规划.整个度假村采取人车分流的原则, 所有的机动车辆被安排停放在度假村入口处的大型停车场.