Client 客户 : UNESCO 联合国教科文组织

Location 项目地址 : Bamiyan / Afghanistan 巴米扬 / 阿富汗

Status 项目状态 : Competition Entry 国际竞赛

Description 项目描述 : Entry at the International competition for the Bamiyan Cultural Center. The site lies opposite the caves where the large UNESCO heritage Buddha statues stood until 2003 when they were destroyed. The main design gesture to place the building underground serves the dual purpose of not disturbing the surrounding landscape where the Buddha statues once were and also provide easier regulated indoor temperature in this extreme climatic area. The design takes into consideration the local construction resources and the main exterior facade material is rammed earth.

巴米扬文化中心的国际建筑竞赛. 项目场地坐落在2003年被摧毁的联合国教科文组织历史文化遗址佛像洞窟的对面. 整体设计的理念是把建筑自身置于地下从而达到两个目的, 其一是可以不破坏原有佛像遗址的整体文化气息, 其二是可以利用地下优势来控制室内温度从而应对当地极端的天气气候. 设计过程同样考虑了利用本土建筑材料进行建设,例如外立面材料采用的是当地的夯土.